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Katherine Wyers

Queer and Transgender Research in Information Systems

  • About

    Katherine Wyers
    I'm a PhD Fellow at the University of Oslo exploring how information systems impact health equity for marginalised people. I'm particularly focused on health equity for transgender people. I take a critical, intersectional, trans-feminist perspective and use the capabilities approach to investigate how transgender people are affected by information systems, how these systems determine the choices that transgender people can make, and how we can design systems that give transgender and gender non-conforming people the freedom to live with dignity.

    If you work on a similar topic, get in touch, send me a message or connect with me on social media.

  • My Research

    Guest Editor: Journal of Information Technology for Development

    Special Issue: Feminist and Queer Approaches in ICT4D


    KuczyƄska, K. and Wyers K. (2022) Queering Data Justice: Using Archival Methodologies to Recover Transgender Histories in Healthcare Data, European Feminist Research Conference, Italy June 2022

    Wyers K. and Masiero S. (2022) Embodiment of Prejudices in Digital Platforms: How Digital Representation impacts Transgender People, European Feminist Research Conference, It

  • Funders and Clients

    USAID Burma Children Medical Fund European Union M-fund UNICEF World Education Karen Education Department Shoklo Malaria Research Unit Save The Children Mobile Education Partnership Burma Migrant Workers Education Committee
  • Experience


    I have been an IT project manager and software engineer for over ten years, starting my career as the founder of a commercial startup company. In early 2017, I made a career-change to focus on software systems for developing countries. I now help empower organisations in developing countries to maintain and improve their own data-systems, assessing data-collection and data-analysis processes, and designing computer-systems to fit within the culture, infrastructure and context of a low-resource setting.

    I have worked with a range of different organisations, from international NGOs to grassroots projects in health and education projects. My focus is on long-term sustainability by improving the current systems and building local skills within the organisation so that they can maintain the system themselves.



    October 2019 - Present: Software Engineer
    M-fund Migrant Health, Bangkok, Thailand

    Mfund is a migrant health insurance providing access to health-care for migrants from Myanmar and Laos.

    Upgrading and refactoring the web-app code to improve its efficiency and make it easier for users. Supervising local web developers to ensure that the system is sustainable in the long-term, and that the maintenance skills stay within the organisation.

    Jul 2018 - September 2019: Software Engineer
    Shoklo Malaria Research Unit, Mae Sot, Thailand

    Developing and implementing low-resource health software solutions for research and clinical practice.

    All software and IT systems are designed with local empowerment as a core concern, ensuring that the local IT team can maintain and adapt the systems as the research and clinical requirements change.

    KnED Data Management Presentation

    School Data Management System

    Mar 2018 - Jun 2018: Software Engineer Consultant
    Burma Children Medical Fund, Mae Sot, Thailand

    Data-management System development and implementation

    Sept 2017 - Feb 2018: IT Systems Engineer Consultant
    Save The Children Thailand

    Funded by European Union

    • Karen Refugee Committee Education Entity (KRCEE) Data management system for the seven refugee camps on the Thailand/Myanmar border
    • Karenni Education Department (KnED): Data management system for two refugee camps in Northern Thailand
    KRCEE Data Management Presentation

    KnED Data Management Presentation

    Mar 2017 - Aug 2017: Software Engineering Consultant
    World Education Thailand

    Funded by USAID Project for Local Empowerment

    • Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee
    • Mobile Education Partnerships
    • Karen Education Department
    • Stay In School, Myanmar

    Feb 2013 - Feb 2017: Founder & CTO
    MelodyCollege.com, the live online music school

    An online platform to allow music students to take lessons where they want, when they want. The school had a network of teachers around the world, and students in nine countries.

    Dec 2010 - Jan 2013: Founder & CTO
    DublinJazz.ie, web-marketing platform for creative musicians

    A platform for sharing concert details and venue locations in Dublin's jazz music scene. It created a centralised hub where musicians could reach new audiences.

  • Education


    I have a diverse set of qualifications. I began with an undergraduate degree in management. In my mid-20s, I studied jazz saxophone, and contemporary classical composition, two passions of mine. While studying composition, I had the chance to develop AI-driven software systems that generated real-time algorithmic music in response to its surroundings. During this time, I founded my first company to support the Irish jazz scene. Ultimately, I studied software engineering at the University of Hertfordshire, where I was commended by the Board of Examiners with an award for 'Outstanding Distinction'.

    PhD Information Systems (ongoing)

    Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway

    Queer and Transgender issues in Information Systems

    MSc Software Engineering

    University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

    Commendation: Outstanding Distinction
    Nominated: Student of the Year

    Thesis - Clinicom: Sustainable Open-source Instant Messaging for Healthcare teams in Developing Countries

    MA (Res.) Contemporary Classical Composition

    Waterford Institute of Technology

    Automated music composition system using machine learning

    BA(Hons.) Jazz Performance

    Newpark Music Centre, Dublin

    BA(Hons.) International Hospitality Management

    University of Wales, Cardiff

  • Projects


    Open-source verification and validation module for MS Access Designed for data-entry in low-resource healthcare settings.

    Clinicom Instant Messaging Network for Global Health

    Sustainable Open-source Instant Messaging for Healthcare teams in developing countries
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    In my blog, I write about IT systems development and implementation for low-resource settings
    • Sustainable engineering
    • Implementation
    • Global Health Informatics
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